Why Crooks Should Be Afraid Of Du-Bong Part 2

Presidentiable Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, in one of his TV commercials said that the electorate should vote Senator Alan Peter Cayetano as his vice-president or else don’t vote for him. “Kung hindi si Alan ang VP ko ‘wag akong iboto.”

Duterte-Marcos supporters calling themselves “Du-Bong“, however, doubt the tough-talking mayor’s declaration since he himself expressly announced he will hand over the presidency to Senator Marcos if he does not solve the country’s crime problems in three months.

“Kung hindi ko magawa ‘yan sa tatlong buwan e ‘di ibigay ko na lang kay Bongbong,” Duterte said in an interview. Du-bong followers say they are more inclined to support a Duterte-Marcosteam-up because both politicians have the guts, experience and balls to do what is right to fight criminals.

Below are the reasons why a “Du-Bong” tandem is best for the country:

Traffic is also one of the major problems this country is facing, and which analysts say, has been the foremost stumbling block of the nation’s growth. Statistics show that more than P2 billion is lost daily due to the heavy but slow movement of vehicles causing major delays in the operation of business.

Aside from the number of cars cruising along our major thoroughfares which do not correspond to the number of road lanes, illegal vendors plying their items in wanton disregard of MMDA and city ordinances are also to blame for the chaos in our roads.

Du-Bong supporters foresee daily operations against these illegal vendors should a Duterte-Marcos tandem make it. “Hindi lang naman trapik ang idinudulot ng mga lintek na illegal vendors na ‘yan kungdi nagiging front din yan ng ‘tong-pats’ at korapsyon sa ating mga kapulisan! Sa isang araw ay milyon ang tinatanggap na koleksyon ng mga pulis at maging ng mga mayor mula sa iligal na operasyon ng mga vendor na yan!”

They reminisce that during the Martial law era, there were no illegal vendors because the late dictator made it a point to discipline the people by making examples out of lawbreakers. “Nung araw may makikita kaming mga illegal vendors na umaalma sa mga pulis at mayor. Kinabukasan, nakasilid na sila sa sako… Yan ang gagawin nila Duterte at Bongbong. Malamang wala pang tatlong buwan ubos ang iligal vendor kapag  sila ang naluklok!”

Snatching, robbery, and petty crimes in the streets are the new norms. As Mayor Duterte said in his commercial, “…obedience to the law is almost optional.”

Street justice is what the country needs. With Du-Bong’s style of leadership, secret marshals will again be instituted to mete the penalty to the criminal instantly. Du-Bong supporters remember during the martial law days when former President Marcos permitted secret marshals to be assigned in buses.

“Dati kapag may gulo sa bus at may naka-posteng secret marshal ay agad tumatahimik dahil isang bala lang ang katapat ng snatcher. Walang tanung-tanong… kapag may nagdeklara ng holdap ay isang tama lang ng bala sa noo ang katapat ng suspek,” commented a Du-Bong supporter.

And they see this happening under a Du-Bong partnership. Duterte openly admires Marcos Sr. and he is proud of it. For Bongbong’s part, how can he not favor the leadership style of his father which was very effective when it was implemented back then?

These are but some of the principles which have been tried and tested both under the former dictator’s administration and during the reign of Duterte in Davao City which used to be called the “wild, wild south”.

With the way the country is going, it will be just a matter of time before the Philippines does a Mexico and maybe even surpass it as the drug capital of the world if Du-Bong is not installed.

Marcos even stressed that drugs have also infiltrated the rural areas, the countryside. “The newest development that came out is the report that even rural areas have been penetrated by these drug lords which is the reason why the problem has become so serious.”

Under a Du-Bong leadership, blood, sweat and tears will definitely be experienced. There may also be one or two occasional innocent bystanders killed. Fierceness, aggression, carnage, bloodshed will definitely take place if we want to produce a crime-free Philippines in three months.

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